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Own the most beautiful renditions of our nation's most important and most revered documents.

Independence Hall calls it a work that, "has been done with great care and has been inspired by real patriotic devotion."

The Library of Congress calls Theodore Ohman's restoration to the Declaration of Independence a, "very great accomplishment."

the ohman constitution
the ohman constitution
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Hang these beautiful recreations of our nation's most sacred documents in a place of prominence in your home or office.

Make the statement that you are a proud American patriot and that you hold firm to the same principles of our founding fathers.

The Story behind Ohman's Original Masterpiece (1942 Declaration)

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See Video of Ohmans Artifacts

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Part of each sale will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation

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Available in your choice of 5 beautiful frames that were meticulously selected to fully complement the beauty of these priceless reminds of America's founding ideals!

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